I always loved the Disney version of the Jules Verne story Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea with Captain Nemo aboard the Nautilus.  I even remember going on the ride at Walt Disney World as a kid.  I was recently doing some research in The Refresher, one of our internal publications, when I saw a story from February, 1956 that a cup fountain dispenser had been specially designed to be installed aboard the USS Nautilus as a test.  The Nautilus was the world's first nuclear powered submarine and was launched in January, 1955. In 1958, the Nautilus became the first submarine to complete a submerged voyage under the North Pole. The fountain dispenser had to be specially designed and the outside dimensions could not be larger than 25 inches, allowing it to be lowered through the hatch. We don't have any photos of the fountain dispenser because the magazine notes that photography was restricted on board the sub. Follow up articles in The Refresher noted that the test was a success and the Navy had ordered fountain equipment for all the other submarines under construction. Had Coca-Cola been in France when Jules Verne wrote his story in 1870, I am sure he would have had a fountain dispenser installed in that submarine as well. ^TR