Over the last few years, there has been an undeniable and all-consuming shift in the digital landscape; a change driven by technological advancements, propelled by public consumption and supported by businesses. One of the most heavily impacted fields is corporate communications. Just last year, Coca-Cola embraced this shift by launching Coca-Cola Journey, reimagining the company’s corporate website as a dynamic, global digital magazine and platform for “real-time” conversations. In addition to brands, the media is going through the shift like San Francisco Chronicle's recent decision to send all their reporters to social media bootcamp.

We think this is such an interesting discussion that we decided to host a Twitter chat via @CocaColaCo. You are cordially invited to participate on Feb. 26, 2014 from 2-3 p.m. EST where our own Ben Deutsch, Vice President of Corporate Communications, will host a conversation around the evolving role of media and communicators in our digitally-charged world.

Ben (@KOnocomment) began his career in the Communications field as a Sports Reporter to be followed by several years of agency experience. After getting a feel for both of those sides of the industry, he decided to move more towards communications working for the Coca-Cola Company. Working at the company for 20+ years now, Ben has experienced this shift in communications at Coca-Cola and is excited about our newest jump into brand journalism. We are all interested in this trend and where it's headed so we decided to initiate a discussion with all of the stakeholders in this field. We hope you will join us and share your opinion. If you have a question now, you can go ahead and start the conversation by clicking the tweet button below or writing it in the comments. We'll add those to the list on chat day.

How to Join and Guidelines:
  • Click on the "Tweet to CocaColaCo" button below and tweet your question or comment to Ben.
  • Be sure to use #CokeCOMM in your tweet.
  • If your question gets answered, it will show up in the Q&A below. We will answer as many as we can get to!
  • Stay on topic, please. We will be discussing brand journalism, Coke Communications and the Communications Industry.

Did you miss the chat? No worries. Ben shared many of the Q&As and a recap here.