Mr. Cameron meets Coca-Cola employees
Cameron meets some of the young people that Coca-Cola Enterprises employs in the local area.

Coca‑Cola Enterprises (CCE) is a proud local business in Great Britain.  97% of Coca-Cola products sold there are produced at six local factories. Since 2011, CCE has invested £227 million in its operations, underlining its commitment to manufacturing excellence in Great Britain with a range of innovations in machinery and sustainable production.

Wakefield, Yorkshire, in the North of England, is home to Europe's largest soft drinks production plant. Since 2010, CCE has invested £100 million in the Wakefield facility, boosting its manufacturing capabilities with the most innovative and efficient technologies available.

Work is now underway for the September launch of a £13 million production line at the Wakefield facility. With speeds of up to 40,000 per hour, the innovative new line will produce the iconic contour Coca‑Cola bottle using PET plastic in a range of sizes. 

Prime Minister and trainees
The prime minister met trainees in the Wakefield factory’s canteen.

Also coming this year is the installation of a combined heat and power system that will save 1,500 tons of CO2 per year, a 5.6% reduction for the site.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne visited the Wakefield facility.  Learn more about their visit and the additional investments CCE is planning for Great Britain this year.