The Undergraduate Business Women’s Association (UBWA) at Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business recently hosted the second-annual Big Ten Women’s Business Connection Conference at Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta.

“Our group was excited to be taking on this challenge because we were able to add our ideas to improve this super inspirational conference,” said Elyssa Helker, president of the UBWA at Fisher. “Gatherings like this are so important for women in business because it gives women a chance to collaborate and reflect with one another. … Additionally, it's important to come together to remind each other that we are all a support system and cheering on one another.”

The conference drew more than 40 women from eight schools around the Big Ten to learn from each other as well as established leaders in business. Guest speakers included Stefanie D. Miller, global vice president, strategic partnership marketing at The Coca-Cola Company, and Dr. Sarah Fisher Gardial, dean of Henry B. Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa. Conference attendees gained insights into female leadership and success in and out of the workplace.

“I really enjoyed having the opportunity to hear from some influential and forward thinking women in business, as well as network with other female business students from around the U.S.,” Constance said. “It was a great opportunity to get a fresh perspective on the issues young business leaders face every day.”

The event, and Fisher’s leadership in coordinating it, drew high praise from representatives from Coca-Cola.

“All of us at Coke who interacted with the ladies were blown away by their tenacity, drive and ability to put together such an amazing event,” said Natalie Diehl, a region asset manager at Coca-Cola. “I truly enjoyed attending and interacting with the women.”