Upcycle: Air Balloon

Today, it seems many would rather put their own creative spin on home décor, furniture and artwork than purchase new items from a store. Do-it-yourself websites like Pinterest are full of ideas on how to upcycle household objects to create something fresh and exciting. Cost savings, creative expression, the increasing popularity of “going green,” and the satisfaction that comes from reusing something rather than tossing it out are a few reasons people choose to upcycle. 

At Coca-Cola Headquarters in Atlanta, the Coca-Cola and Sprite Research and Development team decided to take their creativity and competitiveness to the next level by organizing an upcycling contest. The challenge: construct a piece of art using Coca-Cola or Sprite packaging.

Upcycle: Coca-Cola Football Field

The contest led to the design of over 20 very detailed pieces of artwork. Entries included a model airplane made from aluminum Diet Coke cans, a brilliantly crafted toy hot air balloon made from Coca-Cola cans and a mini football field constructed from Coca-Cola and Sprite labels.

When the voting concluded, a winner was announced-- Michael Burdett, Coke & Sprite R&D Scientist. Burdett says that creating his winning entry was a family effort. “In the end, we went with a framed “Open Happiness” design that included a contour bottle bursting with little stars and the dynamic ribbon made from the stars.”

Upcycle Competition Winner

“It was simple, elegant, featured Coca-Cola, something I could hang and display for many years and something that even two five-year-olds could help and have fun with!” Burdett says.

Burdett explains his main goal with the project was to have a good time and involve his family.

Erin Abernathy, Global Brand PR