By many accounts, the empowerment of women says a lot about the success of the community they live in. When women are empowered and are treated equally, society and the economy notice immediate impacts, creating a more sustainable future for all.   

In 2010, The Coca-Cola Company launched the 5by20 initiative in recognition of both the challenges faced by women and their economic potential. 5by20 is the company’s global initiative to enable the economic empowerment of 5 million women entrepreneurs across the company’s value chain by 2020.

By the end of 2016, Coca-Cola had enabled more than 1.75 million women through the program in 64 countries globally.

A large part of being successful in this endeavor is meeting women where they are to ensure they can access the benefits of the program, spanning urban and rural areas across the world. One way to achieve this is through the use of smartphones to promote e-Learning.

5by20 eLearning app
Smartphone ownership rates in emerging and developing nations are rising at an extraordinary rate, climbing from a median of 21 percent in 2013 to 37 percent in 2015. With a common interest in helping to empower women and provide a scale-up solution for e-Learning, the Coca-Cola Company partnered with agency CI&T to develop the 5by20 Training App to provide business skills to women entrepreneurs.

The app provides a curriculum with access to educational courses, financial services, entrepreneurial training and mentorship connections. Women can also share success stories with social networks and other businesses participating in the 5by20 program.

The app was first launched in Malaysia for Ramadan this year, where it was piloted for a program with Food Bazaar women operators. The 2017 program engaged 1000 women operators nationwide through the app, and also recruited 100 Bazaar Ambassadors. In addition, there were activations with local celebrities, along with social media and newspaper postings.

Many new, small retailers benefit from this technology to support their business growth. They reported during the pilot that the app had useful content for operators and was helpful in better planning for their business success. Another benefit of the 5by20 e-learning tool is to accelerate achieving our 5by20 goal, and support more women in both rural and urban locations. In Malaysia we’ve seen the first Brand Love Score (BLS) increase since Q4 2016 with our focus on community work in the month of Ramadhan.

5by20 eLearning app
Our development partner, CI&T bought invaluable skills to the table, funded half of the development and helped to navigate the challenges of developing and implementing the app within tight timing. The company also help us overcome various challenges to ensure the app could be scaled up in 2017 to other countries in Europe and Eurasia.

Through these resources, The Coca-Cola Company is helping women across the world build and grow successful businesses, as well as develop the confidence that comes with being an entrepreneur. Many of these women are also investing a sizable portion of the income they earn back into their communities in health and education of their children and local economies, creating a ripple effect of positive economic impact.

To see more information about our progress on our 5by20 goals, check out our 2016 Sustainability Report