Park City Clothing Company isn’t just any old apparel store with mannequins in the windows. The store has a unique selling point to attract customers: a vast collection of Coca­‑Cola memorabilia on display.

About 25 years ago, store owner Doug Hollinger discovered a vintage soda dispenser in a field of weeds in Albuquerque, N.M. He asked permission from the property owner to take the unit, which became the first piece in a now-impressive collection of Coca-Cola collectibles. He began showing off the machine to friends and family who offered suggestions on where to find similar items.

Park City Store
Assorted Clothing in Hollinger's store with Coke memorabilia seen above.

Since then, Hollinger’s collection has grown to span approximately 1,600 pieces, the largest collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia in the state of Utah. Hollinger says he's drawn primarily to vending machines, clocks and signage, particularly cardboard and porcelain pieces. He enjoys the "hunt" of tracking down new and unique finds. He's most proud of his 26 soda machines, dating mostly from the 1940s to the early 1950s, all of which remain in mint condition and are fully functioning.

“The quality is there, the nostalgia is there, and they bring a lot of memories back to a lot of people,” said Hollinger of the machines.

Park City Store
A Coca-Cola car in Hollinger's store.

These memories and conversations are a big part of what drives Hollinger not only to collect but also to showcase his collection in his store. About 500 of his pieces are on display at Park City Clothing, including 200 bottles, five soda machines and numerous Coca-Cola signs, buttons and coolers. Customers come into his store daily specifically to see his collection, which Hollinger says transcends the barriers of culture and language.

"We get people in here from all over the world," he said. "People come in and they might not speak a word of English, but they can all say Coca-Cola. Everybody can say Coca-Cola.”

Park City Store
Coca-Cola collectibles in Hollinger's home.

Because of the unique scope and high quality of Hollinger’s extensive collection, friends have tried to convince him to set up a museum. But he's intent to keep the collection in the store to spark conversations and enable people to make connections, reminisce and share Coca-Cola stories. 

“It’s all about something in their past," he said. "And I have to say that in every single case—and I talk to hundreds of people a month—it brings back a good memory. Coca-Cola brings back something good in their life.”

Park City
An assortment of Coca-Cola items in Hollinger's living room.

Hollinger regularly communicates with other collectors in the U.S. and around the world. Several years ago, a young collector came into his store to talk about her budding Coca-Cola collection. He offered up a few pieces from his collection to help her get started. Now she returns every year with updates on her growing collection. Hollinger encourages new collectors to remember that Coca-Cola collectibles hold their value because “everybody knows and loves it.”