More than 60 million children in China live with relatives while their parents travel from city to city in search of work. Many moms and dads haven’t been home to see their kids in years.

“When I can’t sleep at night, I will think of my mom,” says Wu Shenglong, 7, whose parents work more than 1,000 miles away from their home in Longsheng, Guangxi Province. “But I won’t cry.”

A young girl who lives nearby wonders if her mom can tell her apart from her twin sister. “She should be home soon,” the 6-year-old says, wishfully.

Separation is hard on the parents, too. Pan Zuhang’s dad works more than 400 miles away in Hezhou. “I feel l owe him a lot,” the father says of his 11-year-old son. “I hope he won’t be like me when he grows up, going city to city to look for jobs.”

To celebrate Chinese New Year, which kicked off Jan. 31, Coca-Cola brought the parents of these three children home and captured the emotional reunions in a 4-minute documentary. In the heartwarming film, titled “Home Alone Kids,” red Coca-Cola trucks bring the migrant workers home to their families.

"We wanted to touch on something real, not manufactured, and we found a great cast and had some great discussions when we were casting for them," Richard Cotton, Coca-Cola's director of content and creative excellence in China, told Ad Age.

The film was created by McCann Shanghai. A related Coca-Cola TV commercial in China urges people to put their mobile phones down during the Lunar New Year season and spend time with family and friends.

Coca-Cola filmed a similar documentary in Singapore last year, surprising taxi cab drivers with a night off to have dinner with their families on the eve of Chinese New Year.