One Night Only A few weeks ago, I gave a tour of the Archives to the British rock group One Night Only (@onenightonly.)  During the tour, their lead singer George Craig loved the Coca-Cola Fender Stratocaster guitar.

When I heard the band would be playing during the employee 125th concert at Centennial Olympic Park on May 7th, I tweeted to the band asking if they wanted to play it, while they replied 'yes,'  It was a surprise to George when he arrived in Atlanta.  Here is what he told me after the concert.

"I first saw the Coke strat when we went on a tour of the archives a few weeks back. I was told the guitar used to belong to or was once played by Eric Clapton, I actually use strats live so kinda jokingly said they should let me use it at the 125th birthday show, I did not really expect anyone to agree but when we got on site for our rehearsal the day before the gig the guitar was there waiting for me! All it needed was a couple of intonation tweaks and a new set of strings and it was good to go.... It actually is a really nice guitar, has some really hot pickups and a great neck, it sounded awesome! I was hoping no one would remember to collect it after the show so I could keep it!"

We will have to see about the 'keep it" part, but boy it looks like if fits him!