Every year, The Coca-Cola Company launches hundreds of new products to meet the ever-changing tastes of consumers around the world. In 2014 alone, the company launched more than 450 new products. These recently launched beverages cover a wide selection of categories, including sparkling (Sprite Cranberry, a seasonal drink sold in North America), ready-to-drink coffee (a new offering from the popular Japanese brand Georgia), juice drinks (del Valle Peach Nectar from Brazil and Minute Maid Pulpy Pear from China), enhanced water (Aquarius Delight from Argentina) and a new beverage made from organic fruit (ViO Bio Limo from Germany). 

Learn more about some of the newest products to join Coke’s global portfolio:



In just over three years, Suja has gone from a small home-delivery juice company to one of the country’s leading organic, cold-pressed juice brands. With a recent minority investment by The Coca-Cola Company, the San Diego-based company is getting closer to achieving its simple, yet ambitious, mission to bring organic juice to the masses at an accessible price.

Suja, which Forbes named the No. 2 most promising company in 2015, has experienced unprecedented growth in the natural foods and conventional grocery channels, selling more than 40 million bottles, to date, of its organic juices produced using a breakthrough technology called High Pressure Processing (HPP) to preserve maximum nutrition and taste.

Coca-Cola’s investment will give Suja access to the global beverage company’s vast chilled distribution network – which currently delivers brands such as Odwalla and Simply, ice-cold, to stores across the United States – and help Suja boost manufacturing capacity to meet growing consumer demand for its products. Finally, Suja will leverage Coke’s supply chain and procurement network to source materials such as bottles and caps at a lower cost. The company remains committed to its promise to consumers – Suja juices and smoothies will always be USDA Certified Organic and cold-pressured using High Pressure Processing to kill any harmful bacteria and preserve maximum nutrition and taste.


fairlife ultra-filtered milk® offers families across the country the natural goodness of milk with increased nutrition that comes straight from the milk itself. And it comes from family farms they can trust due to their commitment to impeccable quality standards, sustainable farming practices, and animals who are well cared for and who are never treated with artificial growth hormones.

Founded by dairy veterinarian Mike McCloskey and his wife Sue, fairlife comes from family dairy farmers who believe in better.  The brand is committed to doing better every step of the way simply because it’s the right thing to do. For fairlife, “better” means growing its own crops and making the cows’ well-being a top priority. It means being able to trace the milk back to the farms it came from and treating it gently at every step. It means sustainable farming and agricultural innovation, to ensure the future of the planet. And it means bringing health and vitality to consumers by providing better nutrition from the wholesome simplicity of real milk, whether in fairlife ultra-filtered milk with 50% more protein and 50% less sugar than ordinary milk, high protein milkshake Core Power, or great tasting Yup flavored milks.

Operated out of its Chicago office, fairlife is a joint venture between Select Milk Producers dairy co-op and The Coca-Cola Co. which is also responsible for its national distribution.

Sprite Cranberry

With summer ending and the beginning of the holiday season around the corner, Sprite is setting the mood by spreading some “berry” cheer. Back by popular demand, Sprite Cranberry and Sprite Cranberry Zero™ return to offer fans a burst of delicious cranberry flavor for the holidays.

Sprite Cranberry and Sprite Cranberry Zero launched in 2013 for a limited time—offering a refreshing blend of traditional Sprite and a splash of sweet and tart cranberry notes. The tasty flavor and its zero calorie formula are back for the third year.


Del Valle Nectar

In order to offer consumers more nutritious options, the Coca-Cola Brazil Del Valle brand made some important changes in its nectar juices, which now have more vitamins, minerals, fibers and a low sugar content. Besides this, Del Valle nectar contains no preservatives, colorings or any artificial ingredient. The new Del Valle Néctar contains an average of 40% fruit juice and is sweetened with apple juice, reducing the total sugar content an average of 25% compared to the previous formulation.

Juices generally lose most of the fruit fibers during production. That is why Del Valle decided to add fibers to the Néctar and the 100% Juice options, in order to replace this lost content and deliver a more nutritious product to consumers. A 200-ml cup of any of the eight Del Valle Néctar flavors (grape, peach, orange, cashew fruit, guava, mango, pineapple and passionfruit) provides 10% of the recommended daily fiber intake.

Aquarius Delight

The Coca-Cola Company in Argentina recently launched Aquarius Delight, the new delicious and low-calorie flavored water beverage belonging to the Aquarius by Cepita family, which represents a naturally sweetened option.

Aquarius Delight, orange and pear flavored, is produced with 10% of Cepita fruit juice, stevia and sugar.

Aquarius Delight was introduced in an innovative full body 500ml packaging.  The Coca-Cola Aquarius family increases the no-calories and low-calories options within the company portfolio in Argentina, which comprises a wide variety of both portions and beverages: more than 70 products, 40% of which are no-calories or low-calories. Also, Coca-Cola in Argentina has launched Aquarius in small portions (300 ml). Thus, we offer more options so that consumers can choose according to their preferences and lifestyles.


ViO Bio Lima

A recently launched German product, ViO Bio Limo, is the first soft drink with an organic seal from Coca-Cola Germany. ViO Bio Limo is produced with fruits from organic farming. The new soda with the two flavors lemon-lime or orange has a high juice share of 20 percent orange and 10 percent lemon-lime, respectively. The beverage is based on the fresh mineral water of ViO. 

Since August ViO Bio Limo has been available in the German retail trade. In line with its organic certificate, the innovative soda has a resource-saving packaging: ViO Bio Limo is available in a 0.5 liter and 1 liter non-refillable PlantBottle™ deposit bottle.


5Alive Pulpy Orange

Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited recently launched 5Alive Pulpy Orange, a new extension to its popular 5Alive juice brand. The new 5Alive Pulpy Orange contains real fruit juice and pulp and no added preservatives. It joins the 5Alive juice family which comprises Orange, Berry Blast, Apple, Citrus Burst and Pineapple Punch.

The fruit drink with real orange pulp comes in a distinctive shaped 40cl PET bottle with the top end, simulating a real orange segment. The pack size with its attractive shape is easy to handle and will make the new 5Alive Pulpy Orange the favorite for on-the-go consumers. The product is available in the market and will be retailed across 35,000 outlets in all major cities around the country.

Cappy Hosaf

Cappy Hoşaf (Compote), launched this year is the newest flavor in the Cappy Traditional Line. The product is inspired by the compote of grape and dried plumbs in Turkish cuisine. Compote is a dessert originating from medieval Europe, made of whole or pieces of fruit in sugar, spices and syrup. Cappy Hoşaf sells in 1lt packaging and the traditional Turkish drink is enjoyed throughout the year.

Just Juice

Just Juice is a sparkling 100% fruit juice in South Africa that delivers full-on sensory enjoyment – loads of sparkle and loads of fruit taste – combining the attributes of fruit with the sensory pleasure of a sparkling soft drink. This brand delivers a cool, confident, great tasting juice.

Asia Pacific

Georgia Coffee

Georgia Coffee is the most popular, ready-to-drink coffee beverage in Japan. In April 2014, Coca-Cola Japan revamped Georgia European Jukuren Blend so that it captures the coffee flavor you might expect at a specialty store. The recent adjustment to the product is a new extraction technique—the “New Barista Hand” brewing method. Georgia European Jukuren Blend has a robust coffee flavor with just the right amount of sweetness and milk. In total, more than 30 varieties of Georgia Coffee—including this one—are available to consumers in Japan.

Minute Maid Pulpy Pear

Recently launched in China, Minute Maid Pulpy Pear joins the Minute Maid brand that has more than 60 years of professional experience in juice making. Each sip includes delicious, tender pear bits along with the sweet and refreshing juice.

Barista Bros

Barista Bros is a recently launched, premium iced-coffee and chocolate flavored milk brand from Coca-Cola South Pacific. It is inspired by the passion of baristas and Australia’s growing café culture. The flavors include ‘Iced Coffee’, ‘Double Espresso’ and ‘Iced Chocolate.’

The flavored milk category is the 4th largest Non-Alcoholic Ready to Drink category in Australia behind soft drinks, bottled water and juice. In late 2014, Coca-Cola South Pacific launched Barista bros, its first national foray into the category in Australia, broadening Coca-Cola’s product portfolio and delivering to more consumers beverage needs.  As part of the launch, Coca-Cola Amatil invested $32 million in state-of-the-art dairy processing technology in its Richlands (Queensland) facility to produce Barista Bros.

Barista Bros is available nationally, across all retail channels in Australia. It is the first flavored milk to be available in vending machines enabling 24/7 availability in a variety of locations.