This year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Coca-Cola bottle. With all of the great activations and promotions planned, we also want to make sure everyone everywhere can join in on the celebrations. Once again, we're opening up the collection and inviting you to explore where few have gone before: the Coca-Cola Archives.

A special exhibition chronicling the Coca-Cola bottle from 1915 to today has been added to the Archives virtual tour experience. We decided to stage the bottle exhibit in Robert Woodruff’s office at our Atlanta headquarters. Woodruff became president of The Coca-Cola Company in 1923, eight years after the Coke bottle was introduced. However, it was under Woodruff’s longtime leadership that the Coke bottle has become the icon it is today.

Months of prep work went into the project: creative collaboration, curating the exhibit, writing copy and planning logistics. All this work culminated into four days of production in October 2014. A team of 13 people from the Coke Archives team, McCann Madrid, and a local production crew worked together that week to transform Woodruff’s office to the bottle exhibit, photograph and film the segments – and then put the office back to normal again! The hours were long, but they never felt like work. Many more people have played their part in the development and making the new bottle section a reality.

The expanded virtual tour is now available: