Last week, I was fortunate to be invited to take a tour of the Delta Air Transport Heritage Museum Coca-Cola and Delta Air Lines have been long-term partners, so this was an exciting opportunity to get a grounding in Delta heritage. One of the highlights of the tour is the restored DC-3   This was the first Delta DC-3 used to carry passengers.  The plane has been beautifully restored by Delta employees. To ensure the airplane is not damaged, all visitors to the museum have to put on white gloves and shoe covers when they enter the aircraft.  I can tell you it is worth it! The most interesting item I saw during my visit was a Coca-Cola airline cooler that also had branding for Delta Air Line.  I had never seen a co-branded cooler like that before.  Some of the other highlights were the Barbie dolls that a former flight attendant had made outfitted with uniforms recycled from her old uniforms.  The Spirit of Delta exhibit is a full 767 whose interior has been transformed into an exhibit on the changes in airline service over the years.  Once again, the collection of flight attendant uniforms is fantastic. You can visit the Delta Transport Heritage Museum website for more information. ^TR