I've been actively traveling for the past two-and-a-half years. I'm a digital nomad, which means as long as I have my computer and Wi-Fi access, I can do my job.

I’ve visited more than 40 countries. During my first two years on the road, I didn't really record my travels, since I thought I wouldn't enjoy myself as much. But I realized I only had a few poor-quality pictures to show for my friends and others who might be thinking of traveling. And even though I did enjoy my travels, I didn't really inspire anybody to live the same way. I didn't help people choose their destinations and ways of traveling.

So, about five months ago, I decided to start making short travel videos about the most interesting moments from my travels with the goal of inspiring more people to start exploring the world.

Here are a couple of my recent videos, which document an interactive travel game in Venice and a 160-km cycling expedition across six islands in Japan:


Jacob Laukaitis is a location-independent entrepreneur traveling the world, with support from travel-ticker.com. He loves exploring new cultures, reading books and learning languages, and considers himself a workaholic. Live (and work) vicariously through Jacob by following his travels, which are sponsored by travel-ticker.com, on Instagram and YouTube