On the 100th anniversary of The Coca-Cola bottle, these TV and digital films celebrate the promise of delicious refreshment and shares the story of an inspired and iconic design—the Coca-Cola bottle. Enjoy! 


The effervescent bubbles in an ice-cold Coca-Cola rise and glide thru the bottle before being released like tiny, little balloons -- making the drinking experience special and uplifting.


The opening of the Coca-Cola bottle is re-imagined with the pomp and circumstance of a rocket launch. A mission control voice narrates as anticipation of opening builds… “3…2…1… Greetings, Thirstlings”.


Viewers are treated to a surf ride along the rolling, wavy, contour surface of a Coca-Cola bottle. 

Roller Coaster

This spot plays on the exciting vibrating sound of a roller coaster approaching the peak before the fall, mimicking these sounds as an ice-cold bottle of Coca-Cola is poured into a glass. As the final drop is poured, viewers can hear the excited shouts as the journey of drinking a Coca-Cola begins.


Take a beautiful journey across the surface of a ice-cold, perspiring bottle of Coca-Cola. As the bottle top pops off, viewers are greeted with the phrase “Ooohs on the outside, Aaahs on the inside”.


The viewer is treated to the signature sound of the Coca-Cola bottle top being clipped off by an opener, and the jovial ‘psssssft’ sound that accompanies it.


An animation of the Coca-Cola bottle cap as the beating heart of the bottle featuring the original song by Francesco Yates for the 2015 Coca-Cola bottle anniversary campaign titled “Nobody Like You”.

3/37 Degrees

In pursuit of the perfectly chilled Coca-Cola, the cap serves as a knob to adjust the temperature to 37° F/ 3° C. A Coca-Cola tastes happiest at 37°/ 3° C.

In the DarkHappy Birthday

See the Coca-Cola bottle's iconic shape lit in the darkness by a flaming red cap. Curves you’d recognize in the dark.


Follow the bubbles on an upward journey through a Coca-Cola bottle culminating with the red cap bursting. Featuring an original song by Francesco Yates for the 2015 Coca-Cola bottle anniversary campaign titled “Nobody Like You”.

Tale of Contour

An epic tale about the creation of the Coca-Cola bottle, as narrated by a big brother to his younger sibling. The bottle travels through distant lands and curious settings, captivating the boy’s imagination. It is through this journey that the bottle obtains its unique features -- its iconic curves, its flutes and red ribbon - and gets filled with icy-cold Coca-Cola as it ends its ride back in the hands of the refreshed older brother. 

Kiss Happiness

An inspiring story that celebrates the first (& timeless) kiss of Coca-Cola in the beautiful bottle. From the delightful sound of the bottle opening, to the moment when your lips “kiss” the ice-cold bottle, we all, no matter how famous or how far, have shared those same experiences of happiness.

Happiest Bottle / Generous World

A lighthearted, pay it forward story with the Coca-Cola bottle at the heart of the narrative. This spot is an engaging narrative of sharing and connecting people in a fun way with the intriguing premise of “who is in need of an ice-cold Coca-Cola the most?

Taste (Canada)

Celebrating a moment of real deliciousness and refreshment when a bottle of Coca-Cola kick-starts the journey of a new love affair. It evokes the anticipation, crave and ultimately the satisfaction of a moment well spent with a loved one.