Mr. T shows off his moves in a new animated video for two new sweet and tart FUZE Fusions varieties: Watermelon flavored Iced Tea and Green Apple flavored Iced Tea. 

In the clip, which is running across social and digital platforms, Sweet Mr. T Butterfly and Tart Mr. T Butterfly battle it out. But after some friendly “jibber-jabber”, they realize things are much more flavor-charged when they join forces.

In addition, Waze is running a fun, free custom GPS Voice Command with Mr. T. Waze drivers can let Mr. T ride along with them, as his signature voice provides turn-by-turn directions. Pity the fool who doesn’t participate in this immersive experience and have Mr. T help them “take a left sucka!“ to avoid traffic and hazards… and pick up an iced-cold FUZE near their destination. Listen to the GPS Voice Command.

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