Coca-Cola is helping young people fight the post-lunch slump with an international ad campaign created by the company’s Southeast Asian business unit in Singapore.

“Meme” opens with a group of friends sitting in an Asian cafeteria. Everyone is drinking Coca-Cola except for one young man, who is battling the mid-afternoon slump. When one of them pops the lid off a bottle of Coca-Cola under his nose, the young man wakes up, takes a sip and immediately springs to his feet to dance a jig.

The moment is filmed and shared on social media, and the clip speeds off around the globe, capturing the imagination of everyone who sees it before – within seconds – coming full circle to the phone of the guy who just jigged.

“We wanted a new campaign to position it as the antidote to the lurgy or lassitude that typically affects people in the afternoon,” said Pratik Thakar, Coca-Cola South East Asia’s head of creative content. “It had to show that – from the pop of the cap or tab on opening, to the hiss as the gas escapes, to the clink and crack of the ice – the unique and delicious taste of Coca-Cola has the ability to ‘fizz up’ even the most lethargic.”

“Meme” was filmed in Cape Town and will roll out in dozens of markets around the world – from the Caucasus, Russia and Central Asia, to pan-Africa, Turkey and Southeast Asia. Different lead characters rotate in to resonate in various markets. Additional 15-second versions will roll out on social media.