It's the holidays. That time of the year when we get together with family, and Sprite gets together with cranberry. That's right, Sprite and cranberry. Together again for a limited time this holiday season! 

To commemorate the return of this refreshing twist on a holiday favorite, Sprite wants to showcase another fun but lesser known spin on a classic tradition…The Legend of St. Rick. So, every time you see the red cranberry can, you'll think of the story behind it.

If you don’t believe, see for yourself:

Make merry merry with Sprite Cranberry! Sprite Cranberry and Sprite Zero Cranberry are now available in 2-liter bottles and 12-oz can fridge packs. The seasonal flavor is available for a very, merry limited time at your local retailer... through the New Year of while supplies last.

*Disclaimer: St. Rick may or may not get to your kicks due to the limited availability of Sprite Cranberry for the holiday season, so don’t wait too long for St. Rick and go find Sprite Cranberry for yourself at a local retailer.