As part of the regional planning process of the 7th World Water Forum, World Wildlife Fund and The Coca-Cola Company are hosting Water for Our Future—an event convening influential voices from government, civil society and business to explore issues and solutions to the world’s water challenges. Through collective action, we hope to achieve greater scale and impact to catalyze action to value, conserve and protect the planet’s fresh water.

Leading up to Water for Our Future, WWF and Coca-Cola will be sharing responses to water-related questions from select event participants to initiate discussion and continue to raise awareness of our global water challenges.

Kicking off the Water for Our Future Q&A Series is WWF’s Karin Krchnak and The Coca-Cola Company’s Greg Koch.

Greg Koch

Greg Koch
Director, Global Water Stewardship
The Coca-Cola Company

What is the biggest issue in water today?

The lack of effective and integrated policy on water resource management. Most governments have a history of abundance with water supplies but are now facing gaps and other challenges with water (e.g., pollution, infrastructure). One-sided policies, like agriculture, that ignore other water needs and absolute limits on water supply need to be changed.

Greg Koch leads The Coca-Cola Company’s global water stewardship strategy and has managed the Company’s global partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) since its announcement in 2007. 

Karin Krchnak

Karin Krchnak
Director, Freshwater Program
World Wildlife Fund

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about water?

I think the biggest misconception is that because water underpins everything, water is simply a cross-cutting issue and handling it that way will ensure we have enough water for all our needs. There are no silver bullet solutions or quick technical fixes that will solve our water problems. These are not problems that a vaccine-type approach can solve. 

Karin Krchnak leads World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) Freshwater Program and is a member of the WWF and The Coca-Cola Company global partnership team.

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