Leading up to Water for Our Future, WWF and Coca-Cola share responses to water-related questions from select event participants to initiate discussion and continue to raise awareness of our global water challenges. 

This week we talk to Harriet Babbitt, attorney with Jennings Strouss and co-chair of the Global Water Challenge.

Hattie Babbit

Harriet Babbitt
Co-Chair, Global Water Challenge
Attorney, Jennings Strouss

If the World Water Forum could accomplish one thing, what would it be?

The World Water Forum would bring together players from all sectors to address the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to address the adaptation needed by processes already in progress.

Harriet Babbitt will be participating in the Safe Water for All panel discussion at Water for Our Future, an event helping shape the agenda for the 7th World Water Forum. Read more about Harriet Babbitt and Global Water Challenge.

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