Leading up to Water for Our Future —an event convening influential voices from government, civil society and business to explore issues and solutions to the world’s water challenges, WWF and Coca-Cola will share responses to water-related questions from select event participants to initiate discussion and continue to raise awareness of our global water challenges. 

This week we talk to Roberto Lenton.

Roberto Lenton

Roberto Lenton
Founding Executive Director
Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Institute, University of Nebraska

What is your first memory of water?

I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and my home was close to the River Plate. So, my first memories were of fishing and swimming there. We also lived around 30 minutes from the delta of the Parana and Uruguay rivers, which includes a myriad of islands, so I enjoyed rowing and canoeing in that area during childhood as well.

Roberto Lenton will introduce the “Water for Food” panel discussion at Water for Our Future, an event helping shape the agenda for the 7th World Water Forum. 

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