We’ve heard them all – or at least most of them. We’re talking about rumors, urban myths and misconceptions about Coca-Cola products. Most recently, a Facebook post has been making the rounds raising the topic Water or Coke. While there is no question as to the benefits of water, we want to take this opportunity to set the record straight on a few issues brought up in this particular post, as well as some other common rumors and misconceptions. So, here goes…

Rumor #1: Coca- Cola can be used as a household cleaner

The fact is that any liquid with acidity can help clean most anything.  For instance, vinegar, which has a pH level of 2.0-3.4 (Coca-Cola pH is about 2.5) is used by many as a cleaning solution – and is also completely safe as a food ingredient. That said it would be much more effective and less costly to clean with vinegar and water than a food or beverage. For more information on food and drinks’ pH levels, visit the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Rumor #2: Coca-Cola can be used in cooking

This one is actually true. Coca-Cola can be used in cooking a multitude of ways. From baking a ham basted with Coke (which produces a tasty gravy) to using it in chocolate cake as a moistening and sweetening agent to adding it to homemade barbeque sauce, the possibilities are near endless with its versatile flavor. Check out our food page for delicious recipes.

Rumor #3: Phosphoric acid, as found in Coca-Cola, leaches calcium from bones

Phosphoric acid does not leach calcium from bones. Bone health experts agree that the most important behaviors for good bone health are getting enough calcium, vitamin D, and doing weight-bearing physical activity. Find more information on the CDC website or on Best for Bones Food.

We hope this information helps to clear up your questions and concerns. We know there are a lot more rumors out there, so we’ve set up a page where you can find all the true details.

Rhona Applebaum is Vice President and Chief Science and Health Officer for The Coca-Cola Company. Follow Rhona on Twitter @RhonaA_CocaCola