Did you know that our coolers do more than cool your favorite drink? We have successfully placed one million coolers around the world with a technology free of HFC’s… free of chemicals.  This is a very important milestone in our sustainability journey and the result of years of research and around 100 million dollars of investment. Why do it? Very simple. It’s all about protecting the planet we live in.

We have committed to purchase coolers, venders and dispensers with a natural refrigerant by 2015. Achieving our 2015 goal would be the equivalent of removing 10 million vehicles from the streets! Challenging? Of course! But who doesn’t love a good challenge? Especially if it involves transforming the industry with something that is around you every day: Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

CO2 is everywhere around us (even when we breathe!), and we have decided to use it to cool your drink. It has not been easy, it has challenged all we thought we knew about refrigeration. Making it commercially available has been the result of the commitment of the whole System. A commitment that we believe is key for a sustainable future.

Next time you grab a drink from the red cooler now you’ll know all the cool science that goes behind keeping it chilly!

Laura Obregon is Immediate Consumption Equipment Manager at Coca-Cola Mexico.