Friday Fun!

Coke_costume_party_pun_contestLast week for the Friday Fun contest, I asked you to spot the food-related puns in this Coca-Cola image. The example I gave was “Angel Food Cake” – the slice of cake with the halo on it.

Well, this proved more of a challenge than I’d expected, but here are the puns I found:

  1. Angel Food Cake
  2. Apple Pie
  3. Club Sandwich
  4. Crown Roast
  5. Diced carrots
  6. Head Cheese
  7. Hot Dog
  8. Iced Tea
  9. Key Lime Pie
  10. Lox (Locks)
  11. Mousse (Moose)
  12. Wonton (One Ton) Soup
  13. Peking Duck
  14. Smoked Herring
  15. Spring chicken
  16. Sub Sandwich
  17. TV Dinner

And the winner is: Ray, who identified 12 of the puns, including a few I had not found. (Those were: Bananas Foster, Chicken A La King and Toll House Cookies.)

Congratulations to Ray (who is a three-time repeat Friday Fun winner)!

I hope you’ll all check back tomorrow for our next Friday Fun contest. If finding these puns was too daunting, we’re returning to a caption contest tomorrow! I hope to hear from you then!