Friday Fun!

Coke_home_deliveryFor last week’s Friday Fun caption contest, I asked for your best captions for this 1930s photo of a woman delivering a six-pack of Coca-Cola to a mom at home.

As always, you sent me some great captions, and it was hard to pick just one winner:

  • Edna's friends had no idea she was the neighborhood Coke dealer.
  • Have a Coke and a smile ... uh, oh well, I'm out of smiles today.
  • I'm glad my shadow showed up to help me deliver all this Coca-Cola.
  • Hello Mrs. Smith, I am June Cleaver from the Coca-Cola Company Marketing Department. I hope you enjoy this delicious six pack of Coca-Cola. Please serve at 40 degrees in a chilled glass for Supper or with Snacks.
  • I'd like to Teach the World to Sing, but I don't have the voice for it, so please accept this 6-pack of delicious Coca-Cola instead.
  • Easter loved her job delivering Coca-Cola to her neighbors. She sold the extra six packs online for $299.00 to earn more $$$
  • That's not what the milkman brought last week!
  • During the war sugar rationing created a shortage of Coca-Cola. Here we find two housewives fighting over the last six-pack of Coke. "OK Marge - You take three and I'll take three"
  • Thanks for the Coca-Cola, but white shoes after Labor Day, I don't think so.
  • Ding, Dong ... Coca-Cola Calling!
  • I'm here to install your new bottle opener although most of I what I do is off the wall.
  • Let go, Myrtle, or I'm gonna give you a Delaware Punch!!

We have a winner. It’s "That's not what the milkman brought last week!" sent in by Legally Brunette. Congratulations! I’ll send you a Coca-Cola prize from my “goodie closet.”

Thanks to everyone who submitted a caption. It’s great to have you all involved and see your creativity.

I hope you’ll check back tomorrow for the next Friday Fun contest!