Friday Fun!

Last week’s Friday Fun contest featured this 1952 photo from a Spring festival in Peru.

Coke_polar_bear_parade_float_2I loved the polar bear parade float, and thought it would be a good way to help celebrate our Coca-Cola Polar Bear’s 15th birthday.

We got some very “punny” entries – many based on things being un“bear”able.

  • The real "Polar Express."
  • The only bear you will ever ride
  • This is not an old wives' tale. It proves a polar bear will go anywhere, anytime for an ice cold Coca-Cola.
  • The gas mileage on this thing is unbearable
  • I can't bear to be in a parade without a Coke.
  • It got too unbearably cold back home, so I'm hitting the road and I'm coming to a town near you!
  • Now This Is Bear-Back Riding!
  • Even polar bears like Coke floats.
  • Taking a spin into the next generation with Coke! Coming to a generation near you!
  • Ride a hypnotized animal - free!
  • I'm glad that stupid target is behind me and not in front of me!
  • Parade viewers could only watch in horror as the huge saw blade started cutting through the polar bear and the girl sitting atop the bear was about to be turned into a half sister.
  • If I look straight ahead, show no emotion, and stand perfectly still, the kids will never know I'm not bilingual.

The winner is: “The gas mileage on this thing is unbearable” sent in by PMTushin. Congratulations! You’ve won a Coca-Cola prize from my “goodie closet.”

Thanks to everyone who sent in a caption. I hope you come back tomorrow for our next game!