Friday Fun!

For last week’s Friday Fun contest, my team asked you to send a clever caption for this 1947 photo showing delivery by bicycle cart.

Coke_bicycle_deliveryTo use my own pun, you all really delivered!

We received a record number of captions!

  • When they told me I'd be peddling Coca-Cola, I didn't think they meant literally!
  • I don't care how much they pay me, I am NOT delivering up that mountain!!
  • The ice cream man is a weenie!
  • The faster I drink - the lighter the load
  • This week in Coca-Cola history: 1st ever coke bicycle delivery guy, later to be shut down for drinking all the product!
  • The Coca-Cola Company may have introduced the first plastic Coke bottle in 1969, but this kid was thinking about it in 1947!
  • After Mr. Woodruff caught LeRoy drinking a P***I, his punishment was peddling the cart for two weeks instead of driving his route truck.
  • Delicious and Refreshing Coca-Cola ... along the highway to anywhere, even delivered on a bicycle cart. Where there's Coke there's hospitality.
  • Boy, I'm sure glad I ran my mouth about losing a couple pounds?
  • I hope I don't sell ALL these Cokes, 'cause I sure am working up a thirst.
  • Fueled By Coca-Cola
  • Did you hear about the Coca-Cola powered car? No this isn’t what they had in mind.
  • Jump aboard the "Coke Cycle"
  • If you think this is funny, the Pepsi man is on a skateboard!
  • I don’t care what gas prices are! This is bull!
  • Well at least I'm not walking like the Pepsi deliveryman!
  • Through rain, sleet, bad economy, and high gas prices, there's nothing like the real thing.
  • There he goes, peddling under the influence of Coke again.
  • I know that things go better with Coke but...
  • This is Coke's answer to people who insist on drinking and driving!
  • This is a real UPO sighting!!!! UNIDENTIFIED PEDDLING OBJECT!
  • As the first Honolulu patrol officers arrived at the empty bicycle cart, Johnny told them: "I'd like to report a crime and, um, I'm thirsty for more!"
  • Want a coke? Watch for the delivery man!
  • The more Coke I drink, the easier it is to pedal!
  • Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii! I am Dennis your friendly Coca-Cola delivery Boy. For a nickel you may Have a Coke so I don't drink them all.
  • 30 years from now, peddling Coke would get me 15-20 years, in the Big House!
  • The young Freddie in action. Thirsty years ahead, the whole world would sing along: "I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike - I want to ride it where I like."
  • Original slogan "DRINK COCA-COLA IN SPORTS BOTTLES" was too long to fit the cart.
  • Do you wonder where the Coca-Cola management got the idea for their “Exercise & Healthy Living” campaign? Oh, yeah!
  • The flex-fuel vehicle of the future has arrived: the Coke-mobile.
  • "Peddling" is thirsty work!

And the winner is: “When they told me I'd be peddling Coca-Cola, I didn't think they meant literally!” sent in by Ray. Congratulations! You’ll receive a prize from my Coca-Cola “goodie closet.”

Thanks to everyone who sent us a caption. Let’s keep up this participation!

And I hope you’ll come back tomorrow for the next Friday Fun contest.