Friday Fun!

Coke_yippee_cowboyFor last week’s Friday Fun caption contest, I asked you to write a funny caption for this “Yippee” 1950s store display piece.

I received some great captions:

  • All American ridding on more coca cola yippee.
  • More than a super-hotdog it seems like a Mexican Mariachi Hat!!
  • Hey, boy! slow down your horses and take a Coke break!
  • Howdy pardner! Coca-Cola kid here! Just wrasslin' up this doggie to make Ray a weiner, I mean winner!
  • After roping this here "doggie", I'm going to "mustard" up the courage to ride this here Coke bottle and "ketchup" with the hamburger.
  • Looks like little Billy had too many Cokes and hot dogs at the rodeo if this is what he's dreaming about!
  • "giddy up coke" time to take doggie home for lunch
  • Hotdogs and Coke -- American for a rootin-tootin great weekend!
  • Cool Cat + Hot Dog = Wild Ride on the Horse Side of Coca-Cola.  PS: Why would you want to drink champagne, eat caviar & play golf, if you can have a Coke, a hot dog & enjoy the rodeo adrenaline rush?!?
  • The new 'Cokeboys' of the west chasing hotdogs for a change
  • Yee-Haw I just love this new ride at The World of Coca-Cola. If you stay on for 8 seconds your reward is an Ice Cold Bottle of Coca-Cola.
  • Yippee! What more could anyone want - a Hot Dog and an Ice-Cold Coca-Cola!
  • To eat this Giant Hot Dog, I will need 2 Ice Cold Bottles of Coca-Cola!
  • I sure earned a nice bottle of coke after catching myself a nice dog for dinner!
  • Nothing beats this catch, than washing it down with an ice cold coca cola. That's why I never ride without it!

The winner is "After roping this here "doggie", I'm going to "mustard" up the courage to ride this here Coke bottle and "ketchup" with the hamburger" sent in by cokenut. Congratulations! And thanks to everyone who took time to play.

cokenut will receive a Coca-Cola item from my “goodie closet.”

I hope you’ll check back tomorrow for a new Friday Fun caption contest. (Hint: It’s costume related!)