Friday Fun!

Coke_costume_contestThough it was a difficult choice, I've picked a winner for last week's Friday Fun contest. I asked you to give me your most creative captions for this Coca-Cola costume party image. You delivered!

Here are the captions you submitted:

  • When you serve Coke, your party will be the hottest ticket in town.
  • "Let them drink Coke"
  • A party for those of all ages, loved by all!
  • Coca-Cola party conversation:
    - "If you're Einstein, then I'm Santa."
    - "That doesn't take a genius to work out."
    - "Remember the time we went for a ride with the Elves and saw Winston camping with Sigmund's alter ego's?"
    - "Those were the days! Hey - after all these Light years, let's try a Coca-Cola Zero."
  • Elementary, Dear Watson -- Coke is it!
  • Did Freud just say, 'Sometimes a Coke is only a Coke?'
  • And everyone had to use cups since Frankenstein was blocking the vending machine.
  • And when I woke up, I was at this quaint Vermont inn and you were wearing a beautiful mohair sweater.
  • It was one heck of a costume party. Even the turkey was dressed.
  • So Marie, do you think anyone here was born after Coke was invented?
  • COKE! Great minds think alike!
  • Diverse tastes enjoy Coke
  • Henry the 8th with 8 cokes. Out did Mean Joe Green.
  • Party gossip:
    Einstein: "Ok, here's my theory. As far as I'm concerned, it's all relative.”
    Sherlock: "Hey Sigmund! Check out the babe. I think she's wearing one of your Freudian slips!"
    Santa: "Ho, Ho, Holmes? Is that you? Take your hat off while eating!"
    Sigmund: "Hey you! Green giant guy. Frank! Do you want to drink your Coke from a Stein? Get it? Frank-Stein? Oh never mind."
    Cow: "Anyone wanna have a cow?"
  • Break time at the Wax Museum.
  • Save the Coke cans for me, I use them for hair curlers!

The winner is "Did Freud just say, 'Sometimes a Coke is only a Coke?'," sent in by souledout. Congratulations! I'll send you a Coca-Cola prize from my "goodie closet."

I hope you'll all check back tomorrow for the next Friday Fun caption contest!