Coke_skiing_waiterFor last week’s Friday Fun contest, I asked you to give me funny captions for this picture of a skiing waiter, balancing a tray of Coke bottles, from Switzerland in the 1950s.

You sent in some great captions!

  • ...5 bottles of Coke on my palm, 5 bottles of Coke, If one of these bottles should happen to fall, 4 bottles of Coke on my palm.
  • Never taking a pause anywhere to bring you the refreshing taste of Coke.
  • My sign says "Pause", but this hill and skis says otherwise.
  • I'm glad I was able to talk them out of ordering a case of Coca-Cola.
  • The day Frozen Coke was invented.
  • I don't need a 'Pause' coz' I am serving to Claus!
  • Coke keeps me balanced!
  • Bond makes another clean getaway, this time with the good stuff!
  • Whiz ... I had one (or five)!
  • I told our waiter that I would like him to serve a free round of Cokes but I guess he thought I said "Ski down with Cokes."
  • Gratuity Deserved!
  • Too bad being such a SKI-llful Coca-Cola waiter, there is still no help for the opening of extremely shaken coca cola!
  • "Thirst Knows No Season!"
  • When it feels like life is going downhill. Jeeves says "I say ol' chap, slow down,'shoosh' up, and take a break. Everything's better with Coke!"
  • I say: pause talk, take (1,2,3,4,5) a bottle Coke refresh mouth and play your talk!!!:)
  • "The road to the Lodge is iced over, Boss, but I found a way to get to our Customers!"
  • He took after both sides of the family--- His Mom was a waitress, and his Dad won the Gold in the 1980 Winter Olympic Downhill Ski-Jump!
  • Mais oui, the last Coke of the 6-pack is in my cumberbund. Skis don't fail me now!
  • Ice cold Coca-Cola tastes great going down.
  • Sorry sir, I lost the other bottle of Coke on the jump, but I still have five and they are ice cold.
  • I say sir, Cokes for the basketball team, coming right down the slope.
  • Alfred the Butler does as Batman requested, "Go get Robin and myself an Ice Cold Coke and meet us at the Bat-Ski Lodge.”
  • I must be one short of a 6 pack to do this job.
  • From the Swiss Alps News:
    Penguins are now being used to serve ice cold Cokes to resort skiers. They are equipped with tiny skis and a PAUSE Coke sign. And they balance up to five bottles of Coke on an iceberg. "This is quite the attraction and very refreshing" said Jean Claude Killy, World Cup Champion.
  • Down the slopes with some 'dopes'
  • I assure you, sir, Swiss Cokes only come in 5-packs.
  • Straight from the vendo is ok but these are as cold and Refreshing as you'd want! MMMMMM Coke on Ice

And the winner is: “Bond makes another clean getaway, this time with the good stuff!,” sent in by Somebodyunfamous. Congratulations! I’ll send you a prize from my Coca-Cola “goodie closet.”

Thanks to everyone who sent in such clever captions! Please check back tomorrow for our next Friday Fun contest.