Friday Fun!

For our last Friday Fun contest, I asked you to send me funny captions for this 1950 Coca-Cola painting, with a giant Coke bottle and a very old style of TV.

I received a lot of captions, and – as always – it was hard to pick a winner.

  • Betty, is it just me or do you see the 10 foot tall Coca-Cola Bottle hovering next to you?
  • The early stages of subliminal advertising.
    The advertising executives thought: "Let’s put a huge Coke bottle in this illustration. It'll blend in with the colors of the room and the hobbleskirt dresses the ladies are wearing. After all, the focus is on everyone watching TV. The consumer will never suspect anything but when they turn on their television sets, they'll immediately want an ice cold Coca-Cola."
  • Would someone put down their Coke and hand me the remote?
  • I can't wait to tell the Jones's we have 3D image capability on our TV.
  • Ever since Stan and Earleen won the Phil Mooney Friday Fun Caption Contest and received a 10 foot Coca-Cola display bottle as their prize, Carl and Mildred have been over for ice cold Cokes and watching The Jack Benny Show on their brand new Philco television set!
  • This IS the 'Classic' "elephant in the living room."
  • This new television thing is great, but where did this giant Coca-Cola Bottle come from?
  • That puppet keeps looking at the giant Coke Bottle and drooling all over the TV set.
  • "Hey Herb, would ya' take a look at my brand spankin' new Motorola Deluxe 17" television set? Ain't she swell? She's got one dial for tuning both UHF and VHF, 19 tubes, 3 recifiers, a vertical and a horizontal hold knob and we get 3 channels plus public broadcasting system. Ain't she a beauty Herb!"
    "That's nice Al...but what in tarnation is this big Coke bottle doing right smack dab in the middle of your living room? I can't see a darn thing!"
  • Coca-Cola... Bringing people and TV together since 1950.
  • Coca-Cola bottle vs. TV set: 1-0. (If size doesn't matter, shape does).
  • Comments heard while couples were posing for this illustration:
    "How long do we have to stand here, holding these Coke bottles and why can't we drink them? And why does Betty get to sit down all the time? And why do we need to wear bow ties?
    And why is Earleen in that pose? Her backside isn't her best side. And can we change the channel? And why..."
  • Background noise.
  • Y'all were right... this is so much better than having a 300 pound GORILLA in the room.
  • Bob has always been easily influenced by advertising. We could stand him singing along with the jingles, but this elaborate Coke bottle costume is just too much!
  • TV night with our good friend Coke - he always brings the drinks and never takes a seat!
  • Is TV worth watching without Coke? I’m not watching TV without my Coke.
  • Brad is thinking, "If I chug-a-lug this thing, I bet I can burp loud enough to shatter that picture tube."
  • "Oh Really! I've heard of attack of the giant tomatoes but Hollywood really are getting ridiculous with these remakes!"
  • Buzz: Do you think technology will ever come up with a TV bigger than this Coke bottle.
    Neil: I doubt it! I'd have a better chance of being the first man to walk on the moon.
    Buzz: Yeah right, and I'll be the second. Ha! Ha!

And the winner is: This IS the 'Classic' "elephant in the living room.” sent in by Loretta. Congratulations! You’ll receive a Coca-Cola prize!

Thanks to everyone who played. Please check back tomorrow for our next contest.