Friday Fun!

Coke_caption_contest_sept_5_08On Friday I asked you to send me your best captions for this photo from the introduction of Fresca in Argentina in 1968.

Here are the entries you sent me:

  • This is nothing... Wait til they see the hamster that goes in this thing!
  • The first number in today's Pick 3 Lotto is...
  • Hey New York City! Send more Fresca and we'll return your New Years Eve countdown ball intact.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Evil Knievel will attempt to drink a bottle of Coke while riding his motorcycle inside this gyrating "Circle of Fear Sphere."
  • Recipe for giant Coke Sno-Cone:
    1 Giant snowball
    Lots of Coke
    Lots of friends to help eat it!
  • Drink Fresca for a Refreshing Blizzard in your Mouth
  • Here at The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Argentina, two Sprite Girls are preparing the inner workings of a huge snowball for the opening of the Winter Olympics.
  • And now for their new act! The Coca-Cola bunnys will climb inside the Coke Globe and share the spirit of Coke with everyone!
  • It's time Fresca Blizzard Bingo! And the first ball selected is: B-17. The next ball is....

And the winner is: "This is nothing... Wait til they see the hamster that goes in this thing!" by BillyMaz!

In case you really paid attention to Friday’s post, I did ask that the caption relate to Coke in some way. The winner didn’t, but I really loved it and decided I could “bend the rules” of my own game!

Congratulations, BillyMaz! You’ll receive a small Coca-Cola prize. And thanks to everyone for playing! Come back tomorrow for another “Friday Fun” contest and your chance to win a Coke prize!