App Home Screen We need your help!  Last October we launched the Coca-Cola Heritage Timeline app for the iPad and then this May we updated the functionality of the app and began to offer it for iPhone users.  We created these apps for our fans and now we really want our readers to have a role with them.  Even if you have never heard of crowdsourcing, you can be a part of it today.

App timeline 2
We are trying to find a better name for the application to reflect the fact with the added blog functionality, it is now more than just a timeline. If you have not downloaded the apps and you have an iPhone or iPad, follow this link to download the free programs.  Download and try out the app, then sample one of your favorite Coca-Cola products to get your creative juices flowing and submit your idea for a new name via the comment section to this post.  We will be open for submissions for at least two weeks.  When we select the new name, the contributor will win a reprinted set of four Norman Rockwell Coca-Cola posters.  Also, if you have any added functionality or content for the applications, we would love to get your thoughts and comments.

May the best name win.