Plywood Presents kicks off today at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre. The social innovation summit will welcome 600 entrepreneurs, artists and activists for two days of knowledge sharing and networking.

EKOCYCLE, one of the event sponsors, caught up with Plywood People founder Jeff Shinabarger to learn more about the movement. Take a look:

Tell us a little bit more about Plywood People and your mission.

We believe Atlanta is rooted in the history of social innovation: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. changed humanity forever and Coca-Cola has led the charge for innovation. We want to champion this energy for the future of our city. We want to sit in between those ideas — bring them together to force significant change to problems in our world. Our mantra is simply: We Will Be Known By The Problems We Solve.

What do you hope to accomplish with Plywood Presents?

I believe there are many amazing people with big ideas that struggle in making them come to life. Plywood Presents has always been about connecting people to do something significant in a broken world. Pioneers are doers of unthinkable action and we want to instigate these people. They see what others do not see. And do what others only dream of doing. We want to foster these people to make their dreams come to life, while giving them educators and friends to make it happen.

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