A new shop adorned in red and white has opened on Baisha Street in Changsha, attracting a steady stream of customers. As the first Coca-Cola 5by20 pilot shop, Ms. Chen’s grocery store underwent an amazing transformation with help from Coca-Cola China and JD.com, China's leading one-stop e-commerce platform.

Joining hands with JD, the pilot store was established to empower Ms. Chen to transform the traditional grocery store she operated for a decade through an integrated business solution and turn it into a "smart" convenience store. The upgraded store is equipped with smart retail capabilities, such as paperless operations, data-driven precise purchasing and a scientifically designed merchandise layout based on shopper insights.

The store now boasts the latest AI-Powered Smart Cooler, which has ended the old days of waiting in lines as customers now only need to scan a QR code, open the cooler door and take out their beverages. With the use of the “JD Shopkeeper" app, customers can quickly order goods, making it easier for shop owners to manage their shops. Together with the retail experience of Coca-Cola and professional management guidance from JD.com, Ms. Chen has been able to maximize her profits in the limited store area.


"In the past few years, e-commerce has brought fierce competition. We know that we must change, but we don't know how to change," said Ms. Chen.

Of the millions of traditional grocery stores in China, 66% are run by women or jointly managed by men and women. Ms. Chen’s concerns are shared by many other female shopkeepers.

Unlike hardware upgrades, which can be done immediately, the shift in mindset doesn’t happen quite so quickly. Through the professional online courses offered by Coca-Cola China, Ms. Chen can keep up-to-date with the latest retail trends, learn about modern business practices, as well as enhance communication and refine other comprehensive capabilities.

In addition, she also has the opportunity to participate in "Coca-Cola Mama University" to further her studies, learn relevant knowledge from experts in the field, and exchange experiences with other female managers to complete her dream of attending university. Coca-Cola cares about the dreams of women and is committed to helping empower them through their knowledge, business skills, and inner strength to realize their self-worth.


“We care about women’s dreams, and we hope to help them in their development,” said Zhang Jiantao, vice president of Greater China and South Korea for Coca-Cola. “Through such pilot schemes, we hope to work with our partners to achieve the collaborative effect of one plus one is more than two. A reproducible transformation plan will help more women managers grasp the business opportunities in the digital era and help them realize their self-worth."

More importantly, the store is an ongoing exercise designed to embrace an experimental test-and-learn approach and facilitate learning with flexible working methods via cross functional, systemic and organizational collaboration. Besides its partnership with JD, Coca-Cola is also exploring collaboration with other B2B partners to further scale up the project, which is an innovative new way to empower women in the digital era.