EKOCYCLE and Global Citizen recently partnered with MyActions.org, to enhance the #ADayWithoutWaste — a program designed to inspire new recycling habits. MyActions program director Bridget Croke talks about her experience and vision for this unique and forward-thinking collaboration:

I’ve learned that to build a more sustainable future, we need to engage the real influencers – youth and young adults. So I joined a growing start-up called myActions.org, where we built a modern social app to track the online sharing of your daily acts of green. Every action you share earns a donation to a relevant cause.

This generation is socially native. They are creators. They expect instant gratification and a gamified experience. Providing an environment to share their impact socially drives real-world action and new environmental norms. Action photos, social recognition and incentives make going green fun and addictive.

But we know we can’t do this alone and we certainly don’t have all the answers. We need aligned brands and organizations with influence and complementary approaches. EKOCYCLE was the first brand that came to mind with its a fresh approach to engaging youth culture with sustainability.

We are partnering with the EKOCYCLE-Global Citizen #ADayWithoutWaste campaign to help drive 150,000 shared waste reducing actions by Earth Day. When enough people share their zero waste actions, EKOCYCLE will unlock a donation to help green participating communities, concerts and festivals. And this is just the beginning. We aim to engage millions and will continue to learn and adapt until we citizens succeed at building a zero waste future.

To participate, visit www.ADayWithoutWaste.org and pledge to break a few wasteful habits.

Bridget Croke, VP Business Development at myActions, @bridgetcroke

To read more about Bridget’s journey and what she’s learned about youth, action and social change, visit EKOCYCLE.