Decorations at Atlanta Headquarters

When you work at The Coca-Cola Company headquarters in Atlanta, the associates come back after Thanksgiving weekend to the entire space being touched by the holiday spirit. It seems to have magically appeared on the walls, in the décor, the colors; everything changed for the holiday season. 

Let me share my secret. Several teams work over that weekend to ensure that it happens, and my job is to oversee those teams.  Whether it’s the artwork on the walls or all the décor, it all happens in a short but precise amount of time. Scary, exciting, fun and a lot of hard work all rolled into one.

Holiday decorations

PFI. Brand It. Grow It. is one of those teams. We work together to understand the upcoming year’s holiday story, and then ask how we can bring that to life through the holiday design. Literally we want our employees to have an “ah hah” moment when they walk in the door.  They design all the trees, garland, wreaths; anything that is bringing the Coke story to life is what they do. 

Hanging the outside wreath is one of the hardest tasks during the decorating extravaganza.

Outside wreath

Holiday decorations in the main lobby

Throughout the weekend, there are those moments where you think, is all the work going to get done? There is so much to build, design and light! But then the teams work together, and it’s great. That’s what I really like, the camaraderie - everyone helping each other toward a common goal. Because at the end of the day that’s what it’s about... that’s how we roll here at Coke Corporate, and that’s how we open happiness during the holiday season!

Kim Liddle

Kimberly Liddle has been with The Coca-Cola Company coming on 16 years. The last seven, she has been the Manager of Executive Facilities, her team handles executive moves, common areas of the Atlanta headquarters, holiday décor and artwork.