Ever think about how a Coca-Cola fan would have "shared" his love for Coke in the 1890s? What about in the 1940s? Chances are that you would have written a letter or made a postcard with your Coca-Cola picture and sent it (by snail mail) to The Coca-Cola Company.

We've gone through the Archives and pulled out our "fan history" over time. The letters, pictures, stories and videos sent by Coca-Cola fans over 125 years are showcased on the Coca-Cola Page timeline. What you'll see represents the history of the brand through the lens of fans.

A friend of the Archives, Lynn Watson-Powers, went through her own photo collection and sent this early 1980s photo to us, along with the following quote: “Life didn't get any better than riding in the back of Mike's pick-up truck with my best friends, Andy, Beth and Paul, in the Washington, DC suburbs in 1984.” (Lynn is second from the left in the picture).

Lynn Watson-Powers Coca-Cola picture