Chlöe Howl presents her sounds of happiness in our latest artist-curated playlist on Spotify.

The British singer-songwriter was hotly tipped at the end of last year, earning a nomination on the BBC Sound of 2014 poll alongside other British breakthrough acts such as Sam Smith and Ella Eyre. Following the success of her EP ‘Rumour’, Chlöe will release her highly anticipated debut album later this year.

Check out the video for her new single ‘Disappointed’ which is released on 27th July and read our interview with the lady herself below.

You can pre-order ‘Dissapointed’ here:

1. You’ve described your sound as Steak & Kidney pop – please explain?

Basically, I always get asked how I would describe my music, and it's quite a difficult question to answer, so I tried to think of the opposite of bubblegum pop! And I thought a steak and kidney pie was the most fitting because it's meaty, and has some substance to it! I like to think my kinda pop has a lil more to say.

2. What's the happiest song you've ever written?

I wrote a song called 'Alive' which is not on the album, and it's all about being young and reminding yourself that worrying and overthinking stuff shouldn't be a part of your childhood - nothing's as bad as it seems, enjoy yourself while your skin's still flawless and you can eat as much as you want!

3. Tell us about the tracks on your playlist and why you chose them?

I chose songs ranging from ones that I listened to growing up that bring back happy memories, to more recent stuff I am into, to stuff I hear when I go out! Songs often make me happy when they can bring about a particular fond memory, and that's the thinking behind some of my decision making in this playlist.

4. We think happiness is better shared; can you pick a song from your playlist and tell us who you'd want to share it with?

'Sticks & Stones - Jamie T' with my best friend Sarah! When we were 16, we both told our parents we were going 10minutes down the road when we actually went to a party 2 hours away from home! I remember a moment when we were both in the kitchen, screaming along to this song, because it totally summed the whole night up! And ever since then we'd always play it at parties to remind us of that moment!

5. How did it feel to be nominated on the BBC Sound Of 2014 poll?

Amazing! I've always followed the poll to find new and interesting artists I wouldn't otherwise be introduced to! It's a great platform for welcoming new music onto the scene. And to be nominated up against people like Sam Smith, BANKS and Ella Eyre was very humbling.

6. Finally, what does the rest of 2014 hold in store for you?

I will be finishing up my debut album ready for the end of the summer! And playing lots of festivals and shows and hopefully getting to see more of the world as I go.