What do you get when you add Nathan Willett and Matt Maust from Cold War Kids with Nathan Warkentin from We Barbarians’?

Enter French Style Furs.

The long term LA buddies have pulled it together despite distance and busy schedules to create this three piece Indie supergroup.

Born from “some quick ideas for songs in early 2013” the record lends music to the poetry of a 20th Century Monk, Thomas Merton. Considered one of the great spiritual thinkers of his time, Willett was understandably inspired by Merton’s life and writings and decided to take one of his poetry books into a rehearsal, fusing his distinctive melodic howl with Merton’s words. Mix in Maust on bass and Warkentin on drums and the rest is history... Or soon to be.

Judging by the success of Cold War Kids and We Barbarians’ alike, and with such a strong concept for the album (and some pretty beautiful videos too) we jumped at the chance to have FSF create our next Spotify playlist. 

The three are set to hit the stage with a number of New York shows over the next couple of months with their debut album “Is Exotic Bate” out 8th July. This record is set to bring you some serious summertime happiness and we for one are excited.

We caught up with Nathan Willett to grab a quick word...

1. You guys go way back... How did you all meet? 

We all meet in college. These guys were art students, I was English lit guy.

2. You were lyrically inspired by Thomas Merton’s poetry for the record. Where did you first hear about him and what is it that you found so intriguing? 

I first heard about a book called "7 Story Mountain." It was Merton's early memoir that he later was embarrassed by. He was a bohemian New York City guy who decided to join a monastery and I found that intriguing. I have a friend who said perfectly - Anybody with the balls to investigate simplicity and suffering are pretty weird and great.

3. What's the happiest song you've ever written and what inspired it?

The FSF song "3 Friends" is really happy to me. It is an old Chinese Proverb, written BC. The poem is so simple and so profound about three friends wishing they could live and "forget to exist in a world without end." So beautiful. I think everybody can relate to that. 

4. Tell us about your choices for your playlist and why you choose the songs?

We had a sound in mind for the creation of this record. We talked about bands like PIL, Can, Bowie Lodger... Darker industrial stuff that was still playful. All these songs reflect that. 

5. We believe happiness is best shared. Please can you pick a song from your playlist and tell us who you’d like to share it with?

I’ll share "Despair" by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s with my wife Kristina. She is taking her medical boards exam this week. 
"Don't despair! It's all in my head, nothing to fear! “

6. You have a residency coming up at The Satellite in LA and then some shows in New York... Where to after that? 

Satellite Residency has been amazing and we are really looking forward to NY shows. Once the record comes out July 8, we'll know what's coming next.