New York-based indie/alternative duo Prelow dropped their debut five-track EP Why Does Everything Happen So Much just last month via Atlantic. We got the opportunity to speak with the guys following its release, and also had them generously compile our latest artist-curated Spotify playlist.

Jesse Aicher and Matt Walsh, both 23-year-old writers, producers and instrumentalists, launched their collective project in the beginning of 2014. Over the course of the year they released a string of singles via their Soundcloud page, including the hit Mistakes Like This which has since accumulated over one million plays.

Check out our interview with the duo below.

Debut EP "Why Does Everything Happen So Much" Available Now -

  1. 2014 was an absolutely massive year for you guys.  What was it like going from 0 to 100 in such a short period of time?

It feels great to be gaining some traction.

2. Coming from two distinct musical backgrounds, how did you approach the creative process of blending indie rock and hip-hop elements?

It happened completely naturally. We’re both looking for different things in a song, and we make sure we get them both. 

3. You guys are gearing up for your first tour at the end of this month.  What are you most looking forward to about life on the road? 

Ah so many things. We are going to be working on new music throughout the tour, so seeing new parts of the country and meeting new people will be great inspiration.  

4. Talk us through some of the songs on your Spotify playlist and why you chose them?

Jesse: The songs I chose make me feel happy, even if they’re not directly about happiness. “Exchange” by Massive Attack is one of those songs that immediately calms me down. “Song 2” by Blur is so heavy. Nothing matters when that song is on. 

Matt: The songs I chose all make me happy, and they also represent chapters in my life. "4th of July, Asbury Park" by Bruce Springsteen is growing up in New Jersey during the summer. "Last Night" by The Strokes is moving to New York City. 

5. Can you provide any insight into what it was like to work with legendary producer David Kahne?

David is an assuring force. His studio looks like the control room of a spaceship. He’s very generous, positive, and talented, and his guidance has been invaluable. We owe him a lot. 

6. We believe that happiness is better shared.  Please can you pick a song from your playlist and tell us who you’d like to share it with and why?

Jesse: I’d like to share “Ocean Breathes Salty” with my two brothers. My grandfather built and rented out cottages on the coast of Maine and in the summers my family would stay there. I bought this album right before we left for one of those visits, and every time I hear it I’m brought back to those young summers.  

Matt: I'd share "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison to my friend Pranav. He showed me that song for the first time.