College student by day but music producer by night, San Francisco newcomer Slaptop has had us dancing all night with his infectious debut single, Sunrise. The dance track dropped this summer and ever since, it’s quickly taken the world by storm and recently broke 1 million streams on Spotify.

Mesmerised with the track and knowing almost nothing about Slaptop, the mystery producer who doesn’t believe in photo shoots or revealing his real name, we managed to convince the rising artist to sit down with us for a rare interview. Turning out one of this year’s catchiest dance tunes on his first go around, we are definitely looking forward to hearing more from Slaptop!

1. The release of your debut single Sunrise was our first introduction to your music. What inspired you to become a producer? 

I first caught the electronic music bug after seeing Justice perform in 2007. It was several years later that I started trying to make it. As a producer starting a new song, you are faced with infinite sonic possibilities, I think that is the most exciting part about it. There aren’t any rules that can’t be broken.

2. We heard that you wrote and produced Sunrise, which is about you and your friends (the “Sunsquad”) partying ’til the early morning, in just one night inside your college dorm room. Everyone is loving this catchy song and it was even featured in FIFA ’15! Has the response you’ve gotten for your first single surprised you?

Definitely a pleasant surprise. For months I would just play the track for friends and felt like it was just okay. Took a while before I even thought of it as something that I would want to put out there.

3. The music video for Sunrise looked like it was fun to shoot. Did you guys run into any trouble making it?

It was a very fun night, the video chronologically documents a real “Sunsquad”. We were lucky enough to stay out of trouble for the most part.

4. Talk us through the songs on your Spotify playlist and why you chose them?

It’s a collection of feel good songs that I have been digging lately. Mostly newer dance tunes, but there are a few classic jams.

5. Lastly, we believe that happiness is better shared; please can you pick a song from your playlist and tell us who you’d like to share it with?

I Try by Macy Gray with a girl, she knows who she is.

Spotify: Slaptop
Twitter: @SlaptopOfficial