I have always fancied myself a contestant on Jeopardy! Growing up, if the Atlanta Braves baseball game was not being broadcast, we had the television set on the classic American game show where the answers had to be presented in the form of a question. It was always a challenge, my brother had math and science down, dad was a generalist and knew sports like the back of his hand, mom was our classicist and I was the historian. If you could have combined the four of us, we would never miss an answer.

On June 5, Jeopardy! presented a question on our classic contour Coca-Cola bottle. I was pleased to see that the challenger was able to answer the question correctly. 

In watching the program, I was struck by some of the connections between The Coca-Cola Company and Jeopardy! Few may know it, but The Coca-Cola Company actually owned the television program during the 1980s when we purchased Columbia Pictures. A few years ago, Jeopardy featured an entire category to some of our brands. Our long-time archivist, Phil Mooney was actually featured as an answer to a Jeopardy question!

As an interesting side note, the bottle did go into general distribution in 1916, but it was actually patented on November 16, 1915. With the patent in place it took a few months to perfect the shape, but in 2015 The Coca-Cola Company will begin to celebrate the 100th birthday of the shape of the century.

As time has passed, I realize that I will never be standing on the podium, but it would have been really cool to answer to Alex, “What is Coca-Cola?” when this question came up.