From time to time, I do appraisals of Coca-Cola memorabilia. I’ve done these at our Everything Coca-Cola store in Las Vegas, at bottler centennial events and even at a casino!  People can bring the Coke items they’ve had for years and always wondered about, or bring something they’ve just found. I always see some amazing things, but unfortunately sometimes disappoint people by having to tell them their collectibles aren’t worth enough to send the kids to college!

Here is an item I’ve been asked about in the past. Do you have a Coke item you’re curious about?  Send me a photo of it and I’ll tell you what I know.

Flangesignw5395 This is a flange sign used in the early 1960s as part of our outdoor advertising program. It most likely was attached at a right angle from a building. Many collectors refer to signs from this period as “fishtail” signs, as the logo used on the sign resembles a fish tail at either end.

At the appraisals, a lot of people want to know what an item is worth. I don’t set the prices for Coca-Cola memorabilia, but I will track values of pieces sold at live and web-based auctions. This sign sold at a 2005 Coca-Cola Collectors Club convention for $325.

Of course, prices always depend on who is buying! If a collector really wants an item, he may pay more than the “book value.” Or, if the right collector just isn’t seeing the piece, it may go for less than expected. Condition and rarity are the two primary elements in determining value, but ultimately the price is set between a willing buyer and seller. A great way to track the recent prices of items selling at Coca-Cola Collectors Club auctions is on their website.