Coca-Cola sign at the Casbah

While it was called a coffee club, Coca-Cola was the preferred drink at the Casbah.

Readers of the blog will know what a huge fan of The Beatles I am.  I have written about their early days at the Casbah in Liverpool and have put the famous photo of the "fab four" at a street cafe in Paris in several of my traveling exhibits.  When I was in London a few years ago I made the pilgrimage to Abbey Road to have my photo taken crossing that famous street.

Earlier this week, a friend from Microsoft sent me a note with a link to an article from Vancouver about what The Beatles required in their dressing room.  It will not come as a surprise to Beatles fans, but Coca-Cola was the required refreshment. While the article speculates that the lure of Americana might have drawn them to Coca-Cola, the group had been enjoying the "pause that refreshes" since their first performance in Liverpool.

You don't even need to ask, but yes, I have already written the Vancouver City Archives to get a copy of the letter for our collection. ^TR