Coca-Cola Albie Louw Album Cover.jpg-large
While processing our International Collection a few months back, we came across a photocopy of a record album cover that featured a classic Coca-Cola ad that we have in our collection. The album is entitled "Wonderful One", by Albie Louw "The Keyboard King". Does anyone have any information on Albie Louw? We are really interested in hearing the story of why he selected this Coca-Cola image for the cover of his album - maybe he was a Coke fan?? If you have any insights, please share it with us! In the meantime, you can see below the original ad from our collection. This version of the ad is a 1960 poster from The Netherlands. Verfrist U Het Best translates to "Refreshes You The Best" in English.

Coca-Cola Netherlands 1960 Ad