If you're like me, you may hear a song in a commercial while watching TV and wonder who the singer is. I know many of you have wondered about some of our Coca-Cola ads, because you've asked me about them!

In the more than 50 years of Coca-Cola commercials, we've had a very wide variety of singers, groups and celebrities sing Coke jingles. Our list of entertainers grows even longer when you add in songs that appear in our ads but aren't Coca-Cola songs.

In the past few months the singers in two of our commercials – one for Coke and one for diet Coke – have been "hot topics."

The diet Coke commercial shows a woman roller skating, drinking a diet Coke, with the song "Starry Eyed Surprise" by Paul Oakenfold.

A Coca-Cola ad that aired during the Beijing Games showed animated birds making their own "Bird's Nest" stadium out of straws. One version had a song that told the story of the birds, sung by Morgan Visconti. (Many thought it was Lou Reed!)

Here are just some of the other artists with songs featured in our ads:

  • Paula Abdul (for diet Coke)
  • Ashford and Simpson (for Coca-Cola)
  • The Band (for diet Coke)
  • The Bee Gees (for Coca-Cola)
  • Blondie (for Coca-Cola)
  • Michael Bolton (for Coca-Cola light)
  • Brothers Four (for Coca-Cola)
  • Ray Charles (for Coca-Cola)
  • Earth, Wind and Fire (for Coca-Cola and for Dasani)
  • The Fifth Dimension (for Coca-Cola)
  • Aretha Franklin (for Coca-Cola)
  • The Gap Band (for Dasani)
  • Heavy D And The Boyz (for Sprite)
  • Whitney Houston (for diet Coke)
  • Etta James (for diet Coke)
  • Elton John (for diet Coke)
  • Manhattan Transfer (for diet Coke)
  • The McGuire Sisters (for Coca-Cola)
  • Ray Parker, Jr. (for Coca-Cola and for diet Coke)
  • The Pointer Sisters (for diet Coke)
  • The Rolling Stones (for Coca-Cola C2)
  • Selena (for Coca-Cola)
  • Randy Travis (for Coca-Cola)
  • Dottie West (for Coca-Cola)

Do you have a favorite?