From October 24 to December 31, 2012, you can enter the online POWERADE® Challenge, sponsored in conjunction with Endomondo, to amp up your fitness routine and even collect prizes for your workouts.

Get Credit for Getting a Move On

The goal of the POWERADE Challenge is to encourage people of all fitness levels to exercise. And the more minutes you log working out, the better your chances are of being one of the randomly selected recipients of such prizes as a full Endomondo workout kit tailored to your favorite activity, a heart rate monitor and a one-year subscription to Athletes' Lounge.

“We want everyone to lead more active lifestyles, so the winners will be selected based on effort — not performance,” says Mads Mikkelsen, vice president of business development at Endomondo, a social fitness community with more than 12 million users worldwide.

The Story Behind the POWERADE/Endomondo Partnership

The fitness challenge is part of an initiative between Coca-Cola’s POWERADE drink brand and Endomondo — and executives from both companies recently joined forces to officially launch the contest by both cycling and walking their way across New York City.

Participants included Bachir Zeroual, sports and entertainment marketing manager for Coke; Emmanuel Seuge, the head of worldwide sports and entertainment marketing for The Coca-Cola Company; Christian Birk, CEO and cofounder of Endomondo; and Mikkelsen.

“We wanted to demonstrate our willingness to push people to be more active, so we also joined the POWERADE Challenge,” says Zeroual.

With each mile that they rode the executives accrued workout minutes on Endomondo’s site.

“Even sports that are very individual, such as running, can be social with Endomondo,” notes Zeroual.

In addition to spreading the word about the challenge, the group also talked about another key aspect of the partnership — working together to give communities around the world the tools that they need to reach their individual fitness goals.

“We have a social fitness network supported by an app that works with a GPS in your phone. The app tracks your movement, including where you started, how fast you go and how many calorie were burnt,” explains Mikkelsen. “All that data is set into an online fitness community that allows you to analyze your training, compete with your friends and track your training.”

Bonus Help for Staying Hydrated

Endomondo also created a new POWERADE  hydration feature on its website that educates users about how much they need to drink during and after each workout for optimal performance.

Research has shown that dehydration that results in as little as a 2 percent decrease in body mass can reduce both physical and mental performance.

Enter the new POWERADE hydration feature, which can calculate a personalized recommendation based on your height, weight and gender — as well as take into account additional variables, such as geographic elevation, temperature and the intensity of your workout.

“Good hydration prevents cramps and injuries, and it helps you have your best performance,” says Zeroual. “This calculator has never been done before on any other sports tracker. We’re very excited to share this as a first-of-its kind feature.”

Ultimately, the goal of these cool apps and interactive online resources is simple: to make fitness more enjoyable.

“The reason people get motivated to get active is because it’s fun,” says Mikkelsen. “And the POWERADE challenge is one of the tools we’ve created that will make working out more fun.”

To enter the POWERADE Challenge, log on to