On the night of August 8, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit Jiuzhaigou in China's Sichuan Province. The force of the quake knocked out power and phone networks, and authorities have continued to send medical teams, rescuers and other resources to the affected areas.

The moment the news broke, Coca-Cola China Sichuan Plant activated its "Clean Water 24" emergency plan, distributing 24,000 bottles of Ice Dew water in a six-hour period to the affected area. It marked the fastest delivery time in the history of the Clean Water 24 plan.

The Clean Water 24 initiative was not new to Jian Zhang, a local distributor in the Coca-Cola China system. The moment he hung up the call asking him to deliver the water, he immediately jumped into his car and headed to the plant. Within an hour, 4,800 bottles of water were loaded onto the van and Zhang drove the shipment to the affected area without a break. The dark, bumpy roads did not stop him from arriving at the designated location after three hours of driving.

“The community needs me,” Zhang said. “I am honored to be a member of the Clean Water 24 initiative because it is a robust and efficient mechanism to help affected people in the surrounding communities within the shortest time.”

Wei Zhou, a senior local business representative of the Sichuan Plant of Coca-Cola China system, immediately joined the emergency relief efforts after ensuring his family was safe. 

“When people in an area encounter difficulties, help should come from all sides,” Zhou said. “We should provide whatever support is required for the people in need so as to pass on our love and care to them. I felt so proud and, yet again, impressed by the efficient execution of the Clean Water 24 mechanism. The relentless efforts by our associates have made our commitment of ‘We Care’ possible.”

Together We Care
The photos/posters describe the “Clean Water 24” emergency mechanism, showing “Together, We care” attitude.

This was not the first time Zhou has joined the Clean Water 24 emergency team. About a month ago, when a massive landslide hit Maoxian in Sichuan, he was in charge of delivering water to the affected area.

Zhou and Zhang are two of the hundreds of thousands of Coca-Cola associates who are passing on their love and care to people in need and walk the talk of “Together, We Care”. Whenever and wherever a disaster strikes, they are there, standing firm behind the rescue teams and local authorities and demonstrating the values of The Coca-Cola Company.

About Clean Water 24

Launched by the Coca-Cola China system in 2013, “Clean Water 24” is an innovative initiative that effectively mobilizes Coca-Cola China’s supply chain for a nationwide disaster response system. The program transforms the traditional donation format into a life-saving model by integrating the logistical and warehousing advantages of the Coca-Cola China system with the resources of local government and civil groups. Over the last four years, Clean Water 24 has been activated 164 times in response to various disasters, and more than 1.9 million people in need of assistance in 22 provinces have benefited from this system. More than 15 million bottles of drinking water have delivered our care to disaster-hit communities.