Jamal and Elliott the Coca-Cola Crate Man in Cape Town Signing Off, #SouthAfrica! What a great and rich week it's been! I've learned a tremendous amount, and I have enjoyed sharing our South African story with you. Be on the lookout for the last two Coca-Cola South Africa videos that will be output in the coming days to weeks, which I can guarantee you'll enjoy because I was there when they took place!:
  1. The video interview with the biggest Coca-Cola Collector in South Africa
  2. The Albie Louw Story - A Uniquely South Africa Coca-Cola Story!
So, until next time, from Elliot the Coca-Cola crate man and myself, Totsiens, Uhambe kuhle, Sala kakuhle, Sala kahle, Sala kahle, Sala hantle, Sala gabotse, Tsamayo sentlê, Kha vha sale zwavhudi, Salani kahle and goodbye!