Friday Fun!

Coke_delivery_in_the_snow_3For this week’s Friday Fun caption contest, I thought we’d embrace the winter season!

Here in Atlanta, we don’t have snow (and hopefully won’t!), but I know many of you are in areas where this kind of snow is a regular occurrence. I hope that pushing Coke uphill in that snow is not!

The game: Write a funny, clever or “punny” caption for this 1949 photo from Switzerland. Yes, the poor man really is delivering Coca-Cola on a sled! Use the “comments” area below to submit your caption(s). Send them to me by 5 PM (EST) on Wed., January 14.

The winner: I’ll pick my favorite caption (and that usually means a funny one!) and announce the winner on Jan. 15. The winner will receive a Coca-Cola prize from my “goodie closet.”

Good luck, and stay warm!